Hearing loss hits a younger generation

Today, Hearing Loss is a common problem in all over the world. Hearing Loss may become at any level of age. It may become at childhood, young boys and girls and old age male and female people. Noise is the vital factor for hearing loss not age. In older people, hearing problem is a common problem in all over the world. Noise is a vital factor for damaging ears of young generation.
According a report which is represented by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention represents that 65 million people and their ages are 20 to 69 have hearing problem by extremely loud noise including listen music in high sound, extremely loud sporting event and restaurants.

According a research, 50 percent people and their age are approximately 17 to 20 years old have hearing problem in one or both ear.

But many people does not accept that their hearing capacity has been affected. After doing approximately 50,000 Hearing Test by Centers for Disease Control, in all over the world and CDC has produced the result that four people out of ten people have good hearing capacity.

In government and private office, we should develop such environment where we can protect worker’s hearing capacity and also we should give suggestion to workers that they should use earmuffs on working day in office.

Now a days, many young people have the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol in all over the world. Alcohol and smoking is the cause for becoming hearing loss.

For preventing hearing loss problem, young age persons use healthy and nutrition food in their diet.
Today, young generation mostly like spicy food which is very dangerous for your hearing so you should always green vegetables and healthy food in your diet.

For hearing solution, you should use hearing aids and it is outstanding solutions for hearing and you should do exercise regularly and properly for eliminating your hearing problem.  There are many companies available for manufacturing hearing aids. Basically hearing aids are divided into three basic parts Basic Hearing Aids, mid hearing aids and premium.

Basic hearing aids starts from Rs. 25,000 to 50,000. It is very cheap but listen capacity not poor. It is not contain wireless technology. It is available both in large and small size. The second type of hearing aids is mid range, it starts from Rs. 50,000 to 1,00,000 and it provide excellent sound quality and it also available in both large and small size. Third one type is premium, it starts from Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 and it is provide excellent and outstanding sound quality and it has the ability for maintaining noise automatic from outside environment. It has the wireless technology and connected by phone and music system.

Battery is an important and vital function of hearing aids and it available in the electronic stores, any shops and dealers but you should not battery from them because they have not sufficient knowledge about battery. You should purchase hearing aid’s battery only from Hearing Consultant Provider because he has excellent knowledge about hearing aid’s battery and he also know that which one size of battery is suitable for your hearing aids and he has also know about the various size of hearing aid’s battery.  


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